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Seven advantages of Techrobots joint modules

Focus on the R&D and production of robotic joint modules and motion control
technology, help enterprises to realize robot development quickly.

We will always provide you with high standard products and services, you can obtain quality products at an affordable price.
More precise positioning
It has good positioning accuracy, which ensures the stable operation of the cooperative robot with high precision and high reliability.
Strong output
Strong and powerful output, quiet and stable at high speed, even under extreme load conditions.
Multi protocol support
Good compatibility, support for a variety of bus communication protocols, including EtherCAT and CANopen.

RJSII series joint modules-for industrial applications

The RJSII series joint modules are the second generation of RJS joint modules launched by Techservo to solve the needs of industrial robots, medical, military, aerospace, and other applications.

Explore and innovate security cooperation
? The new design structure has better heat dissipation performance and can be applied to the working scene of -20 ℃ -50 ℃.
? The output is more powerful and the average load torque is larger, which can be used in the robotic 15-20kg payload.
? With better waterproof and dustproof performance, protection grade IP54 (IP64 optional), suitable for more demanding industrial environments.
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RJU series joint modules-for business and life service applications

A brand new robotic joints, different from RJS, RJSII, SHD, and other traditional shapes, but a joint that can give robots more design space and application field, customers can locate according to their product direction.

Open and friendly, easy to operate
? Modular design, a compact new generation of joint modules, its weight, size, installation mode, appearance, and other relative RJS have been greatly optimized.
? For the joint robotic produced by the customer in the later period, more design space is provided, the diversity of installation methods is provided, and more application space is provided for the robot.
? According to the orientation of the company's robotic, it can locate various protection levels more freely, which also gives the robot more possibilities.
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RJU joint modules

To provide you with cost-effective integration of
intelligent robotic joint modules

Techservo joint modules can be used in any multi-axis co-robot and other robots. The products include RJS, RJSII, RJU, SHD, and OEM, which can better help customers to develop their own co-robot products and apply them in the field of practical production. Current applications: automated assembly production, automated logistics sorting, unmanned retail, rehabilitation, and surgical assistance, power inspection, scientific research and teaching, automobile and parts assembly, biochemical analysis, and testing.

Our customers have spread all over the country

Since the establishment of the company, we have provided various servo
and robot application solutions for thousands of enterprises.

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